What is face fat?
Face fat is basically the fat that is accumulated on your facial areas or around them. One having fat face has a very chubby face, having chubby cheeks and a double chin. Fat can be a result of excessive consumption of junk food or sometimes the baby fat on your face doesn’t go as you grow up. There are various ways of getting rid of the fat in your body and make yourself look up to the mark. One needs to know as to  in order to get desired results.
10 ways to lose weight from your face:
      1.     Change your diet: Start off with changing the kind of food items you are consuming. See to it that you stop taking fatty foods and completely stop the consumption of junk food. Try to incorporate more and more proteins in your diet and start consuming a healthy and balanced diet.
      2.     Getting rid of overall body fat: Aim at reducing all the body fat and getting healthy. Start exercising and doing physical activities in order to get rid of your body fat. Eventually exercising and physical activities help in reducing face fat.
      3.     Try methods to get rid of your face fat: There are various exercises with the help of which one can get rid of the fat on their face. Stretching your face in the correct manner and trying on the various facial exercises regularly can help you loose fat from your face.
      4.     Start exercising to increase metabolism: Regular exercisinghelps you in reducing weight by increasing your metabolism. Increased metabolism results in lesser accumulation of fat and therefore helps in getting a slimmer face.
      5.     Get proper sleep: Studies have shown that weight gain can also be caused due to irregular sleeping pattern or loss of sleep. Improve your seeping schedule and take proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours.
      6.     Try creative activities: Try activities like chewing gum, blowing balloons etc. which help in face exercising to lose fat from your face.
      7.     Keep yourself hydrated: Being hydrated reduces bloating on your face and makes your face look slimmer.
      8.     Eat fresh: Incorporate more and more vegetables and fresh fruits in our diet that provides essential nutrients and is healthy.
      9.     Avoid consuming alcohol: Alcohol results in the bloating of your face due to dehydration. One should avoid the consumption of alcohol to get a slimmer face.
10.    See a doctor: Some people have food intolerance and their face gets bloated due to the consumption of some foods. Get in touch with the doctor to know whether this is the problem.