How to lose weight in your face 10 tips


Here are the common tips and tricks for how to lose weight in your face for you to try out.
How to lose weight in your face

   Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol is among the few factors that are really bad for your overall weight. It dehydrates your body as well as contains useless calories. Try to stay away from alcohol if you are trying to lose your face weight.

   Improve your posture

Poor posture makes your face look heavy and large and gives the double chin look. Always try to hold up your head and chin as well as keep the shoulders back.

   Drink water

Sometimes, not enough drinking water leads to retention. Your body thinks you are facing water shortage and starts to store it. Drink at least 2 litres a day.
How to lose weight in your face

   Consume less sugar and salt

Sugar and salt are among the main culprits of facial bloating. Therefore, reduce the intake of processed sugar or salt and try stuffing more fruits or vegetables.

   Avoid Fast food and processed meals

Fast food contains a lot of fats and salt as well as sweetening ingredients. All of these are responsible for weight gain.

   Try to lose your weight using overall approach

There is no way you can only target face fat. So try to lose your weight generally doing exercise and consuming fat burning diet.


Medication can cause your face to bloat without you even knowing about it. Consult with your doctor for prescribed drugs and pharmacist for the brought drugs and alternate them if you can.
How to lose weight in your face

   Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga can be the greatest all time solution for losing weight in your face. Yes, there is facial yoga specifically for reducing fat. It has proved to be successful as well as overall beneficial. Many also noticed it keeps you younger too. Just search for facial yoga and exercise and there are exercises galore.

   Calcium intake

Calcium helps in burning your body fat as well as dramatically decreases water retention. Check your calcium intake from time to time and make sure you get calcium from your food enough.  Foods like low-fat dairies and leafy vegetables will help you achieve your desired calcium intake.


Makeup can do wonders. It can really be the desperate answer for how to lose weight in your face for women. There are lots of makeup tutorials that on the internet will make your face seem slimmer because makeup creates effects and illusion. Others will perceive as though you have a slimmer face.
Get foundation or powder which is a little lighter shade than your skin tone. Use it in the central part of your face and apply darker shade around the linings of your face. Make sure to blend these colours properly as it will create effects of dimension as well as depth.